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Our Services Will;

Save Your Time

Our 100% online service provides a single point of tech support and administration of your website, website  hosting & domain name/s.  

Save Your Money

Using our 100% online services saves your money. You're not paying for our sales staff, fancy offices or our company cars, you're paying for our service. 

Reduce Your Frustration

Our 100% online support team is here for our customers when they need help. Smart people sign up to our service before they need it, reducing their frustration.

We can host your website, provide technical support, fix it if it breaks, or just add new content when you need it.

How can we help you?

Working out what has gone wrong can mean multilpe calls to different suppliers to try and identify and then fix the problem. Meanwhile, your website or email ( or both) might be down for hours, or in some cases, days.

Over the years we have seen website servers deleted by hosts, websites erased with no backup to restore, email accounts lost, domain names expire, and registrars holding incorrect details that are critical to maintaining and protecting your online assets.   

Any number of problems like these can result in countless hours of lost productivity and thousands of dollars down the drain.

When comparing ' like for like' services, in most cases our simplified, single point management will also save you money !

Are you paying too much for basic services like website hosting and domain name renewal?

Would you like an obligation free opinion and the right price?

Do you have the right level of hosting and technical support for your business?

You could be paying too much for these services, or be using the wrong type of services. 

Are you still hosting your business email accounts on your website server?

Most small business owners dont realise how exposed they are

Any number of problems can result in countless hours of lost productivity and thousands of dollars down the drain.